The myRUC electronic RUC service has three parts. The first is an electronic display facing outwards held inside the windscreen of your vehicle. The second part is the myRUC app on your Android or IOS mobile. The third part, tying these all together is the myRUC web portal where the connection to the app and Waka Kotahi are kept. The portal holds all the details of the vehicle and the appropriate RUCs.

The app holds the current RUC, the payment portal, the current kms recording, the Min & Max on the current license and the ability to update the display as required. It also enables updating the kms to the on-dash odometer. This entry should be updated every few months if you are a stand-alone myRUC user. We have integrated partner GPS providers who can enable Auto-RUC purchase and renewals for you. For Fleet Managers we have the myRUC Pro option which is best suited for remotely managing your RUC administration, please contact us for a quote.

No, the myRUC electronic RUC service does not have GPS so cannot track the vehicle. If this is required, then myRUC can integrate with most telematics suppliers.

For a Fleet Manager, we have the myRUC Pro option which is a connected myRUC Digital Display which means that you can have access to a web portal from which you can manage your RUC purchases/renewals. Each administrator can be set up as a user in the RUC Monkey portal, each with their own login and password. We can set these up from an email, text or call to our 0800 number.

Note: The myRUC Pro service incurs a recurring software as a service subscription fee.

The myRUC electronic RUC service complies with all Waka Kotahi RUC related rules and regulations including the new rules for EV's and PHEV's

The myRUC app is free to download and use. The myRUC Electronic display costs a one - off $280 + gst. The RUC charges are from Waka Kotahi (NZTA) and vary with the amount of kms purchased each time and the weight class of your vehicle. Specifically for light electric/diesel vehicles, the RUC rate is $76 per 1000km, and for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), the rate is $53 per 1000km for diesel and for petrol types it is $38 per 1000km. The RUC charges include a myRUC administration fee of $8.90 (ex GST) each time RUC is purchased. For Fleet owners, we can design a plan that suits and is competitive to any other alternative.

The myRUC electronic RUC service payments can be made within the myRUC app using the secure banking payment gateway (POLi) method. This method establishes a secure connection to your bank within the app and allows you to pay directly from your own bank account.
For fleet managers Direct Debit may be the easier choice of payment method.

The myRUC electronic RUC service has no GPS so for trailers and trucks, so RUC Monkey eRUC is the right choice (www.rucmonkey.co.nz) This service does provide GPS and vehicle tracking and has an automated Off-Road claims function.

The myRUC electronic RUC service can be used as an additional function to keep RUC up to date if the vehicle already has telematics. We have several GPS providers who are already integrated, please contact us and we can help you.

We recommend that you purchase 2000kms per instance. If you have an integrated Telematics device fitted, then the myRUC service will alert you to buy and update the display when 200kms are left. These settings are fully adjustable to your need.

Else, you simply need to check once a month/quarter, your on-dash odometer reading and ensure that you buy a top-up.

Yes, the same credentials can be used on either IOS or Android. The same applies if you change your phone.

As of April 1, 2024, you will need to pre-purchase RUC from your current odometer value on the dash. Once you download the app and register yourself as the authorised owner of that vehicle, all you need is to follow the simple wizard in the app and buy a RUC licence to start from your current odometer in chunks of 1000 Km and presto, you have a licence available in the app ready to transfer to the myRUC electronic display.

myRUC app and its electronic display is the easiest way to stay compliant!

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