Electronic RUC....done differently

myRUC is designed to fit everyone’s needs, from a single vehicle owner, small fleets to large operators

  • Displays your current RUC licence (replacing the paper licence) on a 4.3″ E-ink device mounted on the inside of your vehicle.
  • Reminds you via app, email or via the web myRUC portal that you may be close to or over your current RUC licence limit.
  • Allows you to purchase RUC licences as required via the myRUC app or portal or have the myRUC system automatically purchase them on your behalf as required.
  • Removes the hassle of paper RUC licences and manual purchasing forever, with support for Electric Vehicles, PHEV’s, Light Diesel fleets and Buses.
  • If you already have a Telematics device on-board, come talk to us and we can integrate with it or get you a new one for full Fleet Management features.